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Bora Coffee Co.

219 - 221 Stratford Road 

Shirley, Solihull, 

West Midlands

B90 3AH

Our Charity

Since 2015, we have been running a charity that operates in the district of Kanungu, Uganda. We have supported a great variety of locally led community development projects, including the building of the first ever secondary school in the village of Kihembe, cultivating a coffee plantation and renovating a dilapidated health centre.

Through Bora, we invest money and time into our charitable work and we spend time with our partners in Uganda every year, visiting the projects that we support and planning new project ideas for the future. It is through The Zuri Project that our 'One 4 One' Project will operate, and we have ambitious plans to plant coffee trees at many project locations across Kanungu. As coffee is an incredibly sought after, sustainable income generating resource, the planting of coffee trees helps our Ugandan partners to work towards self-sustainability and create new projects in their own communities.

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